Funverks is an organizational skills & strategy development consulting firm, based in Pakistan; with presence across South Asia. It is designed to serve, with a dedicated team of specialists that assist clients in creating value across the board – in corporate, education, healthcare & social sectors. The name itself describes our business philosophy & methodology of enriching value to our clients.


Funverks thrives in challenging perceptions that hinder organizational aspirations, by innovatively serving world-class solutions that yield maximum impact, scalability & benefit to a wider base of stakeholders.


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Salesverks (part of the Funverks Global Pvt Ltd) specializes in designing interventions that tangibly impact an organisation’s sales and marketing efforts by providing professional advice, training and support. Our team has over 2 decades of experience in contributing to and adding value for leading Fortune 500 affiliates in Pakistan. We have mastered the art of modern day selling in developing markets.


Our aspiration is to see our clients create case studies of success and be a role model for innovative game changing strategies. Our motto is “If ‘You’ don’t succeed, ‘We’ don’t”.


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Tangerine Media is a media production house that aims to provide creative solutions to all your media needs. It is a one-stop-shop for audio, visual and interactive media, all of which are brought together to produce a top-quality product.


Tangerine Media’s philosophy is to get customers addicted to high level of quality. We offer organizations with media solutions ranging from product launch campaigns to photography and even Web based solutions.


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Grantverks, is a one-stop solution for identification and acquisition of Grant funding for your non-profit organization. We follow a simple operational model called PESA (meaning “Money” in ancient Urdu and Sanskrit Languages) – Prospect, Engage, Submit, Acquire. Our services include the following:


– Prospecting and Opportunity Identification
– Fund-raising Ideation and Strategy Creation
– Proposal Building and Documentation Completion
– Partner Engagement and Cultivation
– Project Management and Grant Management


Our team has collective experience of almost 10 years in Grants acquisition and management, with close to $10 million raised for the clients we have worked for. We are committed to finding, matching, applying and securing grants for the non-profit organizations we work for.


For Non-profits:

– Helping identify, engage, partner and successfully acquire funding related to your mandate and projects

– Fundraising ideation and strategy creation to make your organization more “Grant-Ready”

– Consulting on Grant Management that will ensure successful execution of the Grant and repeat sales


For Grant-makers:

– Helping to ensure that your Grant-making Strategy is aligned with your Vision, Mission and Corporate Strategy

– Helping identify partners that will be able to execute the vision for your funds

– Playing the role of intermediary to ensure that performance, project management and reporting is up to your standards


Email us now at to have a discussion about your organization’s Grant-Readiness model or send us your query using the Contact Form below;


CBQ is customized to fit the needs of Governments, Businesses and Academia to build individuals who understand the importance and application of soft skills such as Empathy, Self-Compassion, Courage and Gratitude in all aspects of life and work. We aim to humanize businesses.


CBQ trainings are a great resource for business leaders, serving the dual purpose of helping executives make beneficial decisions (short and long term) for their companies and staff as well as training all levels of employees by instilling team-building, conflict resolution and intrinsic motivation skills.

Stimulus is a social development consulting firm offering innovative business solutions and services to the development community. Stimulus believes in preserving the core values while stimulating progress. As socio-economic environments transform and internal operations evolve; the framework of our mission is designed with flexibility for constant review and replenishment of ideas and innovations.


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We are an inspired bunch of people who are fanatical about continuously challenging the norms of the travel industry to find our guests smarter and better ways of designing and executing itineraries. Simply put, we are always on the lookout for more creative ways of delivering ‘Beyond Expectations’.


Whether you are an individual traveler, part of a big adventurist group or planner of a corporate event, we are here for you. You can choose from our wide selection of standardized, off the shelf packages ranging from round trips to thematic tours and day excursions. Conversely, you may customize our offerings to best meet your personal requirements- just tell us what you need and allow our travel artists to make your vision a reality!


For further details on travel and deals please visit the website of our sister concern The Bottom Line Holidays.

Unique Pakistan is a social enterprise, and partner company of Funverks Global Pvt. Ltd. with an aim to change perceptions about Pakistan in national and global arena. Our focus is on re-branding Pakistan. Additionally, we would like Pakistanis to realize their responsibility and commitment towards Pakistan and ensure that we Pakistanis live up to our brand promise. We need to assure ourselves that through our collective talent we can bring a positive change in our country and in its perception locally and globally.


Learn about the brighter side of Pakistan on our website.

FK Squared is a publishing house that provides writers  a platform to showcase their work online and in print. The objective of this venture is to provide avenues for creative writing, content development and editing to individuals who possess the talent to express themselves through words. FK Squared focuses on an eclectic mix of genres ranging from fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, poetry, management and leadership. We are a one stop solution for writers and individuals who are interested in getting their work published and printed, we offer the following services: 


– Ghost writing
– Copy editing
– Proof reading
– Designing
– Printing
– e-publishing
– Book launches
– Marketing and distribution


At FK Squared we understand the hard work writers put into their words, our aim is to work with the writer to produce books that are brilliant and a joy to read.


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The purpose of SEED Incubation Centre is to facilitate fresh graduates and start-ups in initiating their business ideas and turning them into viable business models, powered by SEED & FNCK ventures.


The whole theme behind the incubator is to create a work environment that is conducive for young companies to operate in, as they are particularly vulnerable in their early years. The start-up environment can be significantly more hostile in a developing economy, where services remain inadequate, inaccessible or expensive. SEED Incubation Centre has a panel of dedicated experts comprising of successful entrepreneurs who have proven their mettle and want to share their expertise and experience. They will provide guidance and mentoring to the seedlings.


The centre aims to promote entrepreneurship and innovation as a mechanism for social impact. For more information please visit our Facebook page.



AYDAN is a wood works store that crafts immaculate furniture pieces that tastefully influences your lifestyle. Each piece is designed with thought, care and uncompromising quality. We customize all our pieces to suit the needs of the customer making them unique and comfortable with reasonable prices. Our long lasting quality ensures that the clients can enjoy our furniture and make them their favorite heritage piece.


For more details on products please visit our Facebook page or contact us at +92-300-9241411.

Funverks Global Pvt Ltd., owns & has interests in diverse set of industries such as business consulting, publishing, media, travel & hospitality, social sector consulting, incubation centers & technology.


Our partner companies are:


– Funverks

– Salesverks

– Tangerine Media

– Navitus Pvt. Ltd.

– Grantverks

– Compassion Business Quotient

– Stimulus Pvt. Ltd.

– Holidays

– Unique Pakistan

– FK Squared

– SEED Incubation Centre